Private Coaching Package

Specializing in:

Women’s health and hormone balancing whether it is for recovery from disordered eating, digestive and immune issues, fertility planning, or prenatal & pregnancy support. Lindsey is extremely knowledgable at taking health concerns and helping her clients to understand the underlying causes, breaking down mental roadblocks to empower women to want to nourish their bodies with whole foods & be able to trust their body intuitively in what it needs.

My program is for you if you experience… 

  • Inability to lose weight or sudden weight gain
  • imbalances due to eating disorders or currently recovering from a eating disorder
  • Hungry all the time
  • bloating and digestive issues
  • irregular periods
  • infertility, miscarriage or hormonal problems
  • “feel” like you are eating healthy but don’t feel healthy
  • Crave sugar all the time
  • Acne
  • Chronic fatigue
  • anxiety, irritability
  • trouble sleeping
  • If you’ve been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue

If any you experience any one of many of these symptoms- you do not have to continue living this way! These symptoms are your body’s way of telling you there is an imbalance going on inside and it needs some help and I can support and empower you with knowledge and tools to get you to feeling the best version of yourself! There is so much you can do to support your body and reset it without unnecessary medications. Take control of your health, naturally with me!


I provide private one-on-one customized nutritional consulting for clients via Zoom or over the phone. I will work with you to create a strategy that fits your individual needs by discussing your health concerns and looking holistically at your body to support you in achieving your health goals. This will be a transformational experience for you- I promise! I will support you in creating a life and body you love without counting calories/macros or putting your social life and life on hold.

As a private client you can expect;

  • Initial consultation to get to know each other and to review medical history, current symptoms you are experiencing, your overall wellness goals.
  • To conclude our initial consultation we will decide on which program will fit best for you to achieve your goals- with the minimum being 4 weeks.
  • All programs include a deep dive at medical history, current symptoms & overall goals including a food intake log.
  • All programs include a discovery process of understanding some of the mental roadblocks you have that are preventing you from achieving your wellness goals. This includes the emotional part of your relationship with food and how to foster a positive relationship with food which is key to long term success
  • All programs also include information on healing protocols & exact steps to implement in your life to get you moving toward those goals.
  • All programs include bi weekly coaching calls to track your progress, monitor symptoms, as well as to build on new goals.
  • All programs include access to me via email so if you had any questions throughout the weeks, need some more options & ideas, or simply needing a pep talk- I am here for you!
  • All programs include my branded grocery shopping lists


Q: I have already tried every diet. I know that I am suppose to eat healthy. How is your program any different from everything that is already out there

A: This is not a diet. The word diet comes from the Greek diaita via diatian, meaning “way of life”. The problem with our modern day perception to the work diet is that it elicited a restive mentally. I advocate diet in its authentic sense- a lifestyle that sustainable, rooted in evidence based research and supports us to truly feeling and living our best life. A diet is one you keep with forever, not go on and off of. My program is set apart from all the diets and cleanses out there because it is a customized, rooted approach that is simple and paced just for you. We work together, test things together and mold the program to support you in your unique needs.

Q: Why would I spend money on a program when I could buy a 3 day cleanse from the store.

A: Short term fixes like cleanses or super restrictive diets may work for the moment, but once that cleanse is over- most people will gain the weight game, and sometimes gain additional weight from post diet binging. My program will get to the root of why you aren’t making lifestyle changes and exactly how you can make those lifestyle adjustments. We will focus on certain symptoms and ailments you are experiencing today and I will teach you how to make lifestyle changes to heal your body from those ailments and to feel the best you’ve ever felt. This program will help you to have a different perspective on foods and will empower you to love & honor yourself and your body – this program works and YOU ARE WORTH IT!


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