Hey It’s Lindsey! Welcome to my page! I am a certified Holistic Nutritionist that specializes in women’s health from the inside-out. As a holistic nutritionist I help women achieve their best life by looking at their history, the whole picture current health & their unique wellness needs and create a customized approach to empower them to take charge of their health and their life.


I was born and raised in a super small town in Oregon. Met the love of my life in college at the University of Oregon, graduated together and packed all our crap and moved to Arizona. We both had family here and found opportunities to start our life together here- the starts totally aligned! It has been such a special life living here. We moved in together, got engaged, got married, bought our first home and had our baby girl Brooklyn.

Although that story seems all rainbow and sunshine- I struggled most of my health with many health problems. The first was gut and digestive issues- as far as I can remember I experienced intense pain, constipation, gas, and chronic bloating- which honestly I thought was just normal.  I sought many doctors and all of them told me either it was normal or there was nothing that they could do except a colonoscopy. I knew nothing major was wrong but SOMETHING was out of balance. I was so tired of struggling with this issue I decided to take charge of my own health and figure it out myself through massive research and working with function practitioners, Chinese medicine, acupuncturists, nutritionist, ect.

On top of the gut issues I struggled with, I also battled a very intense eating disorder for about 10 years. My negative relationship with food and my body started at a young age and consumed most of my days. It starts with comparing my body to others which sadly is so typical for young girls these days. It evolved into trying out diet pills & restrictive eating, then into a full blown binging and emotional eating disorder. It became an outlet for me during anxious times in my life and resulted in me having a poor immune system, even worsening of my gut problems, low energy, mood swings, irregular or no period (I have gone 3 years in college without menstruating :-0 ) and overall gave me a very prisoned feeling that I couldn’t escape.

Let me just say, that is NO way to live- and if you have a similar story to mine I want you to know that you do NOT have to continue feeling this way!



What changed for me was taking charge of my own health & to learn how to take care of my body holistically.  I was DONE dealing with my chronic digestive and gut issues, I was DONE being consumed with disordered eating- I wanted to take charge of my MY life. I started reading everything I could get my hands on when it came to functional medicine, holistic anatomy, naturopathic medicine & I became completely obsessed and in awe of this amazing body of ours! I disected the women’s body through research, experiementing on my body to identify what works and what doesn’t. What I know for certain- our hormones are the secret puzzle of our health. If you are experiencing bloating, fatigue, mood swings- this is a tall tell sign that your hormones are off. It is your body’s way of telling you that something is off on the inside!



It is my calling and my mission to empower other women to take charge of their own health by providing them with evidence based research and protocols & to work through their health issues they may be experiencing.

I went back to school to study Holistic Nutrition & completed a certification to be a Holistic Nutritionists as well as completed a Apprenticeship program with a world-renown hormone practitioner (Nicole Jardin) and decided to make the commitment to help other women who too want to take charge of their help- but maybe don’t know where to start.