Blood sugar metabolism and why every woman should care.

Yes… it’s true! It is SO important to understand your blood sugar levels- even if you aren’t diabetic!


This was certainly a surprise for me when I was first studying about hormonal health. The truth is, you want to care more about your blood sugar before you ever are diabetic or even pre-diabetic & here’s three reasons why-


1. Your blood sugar is direct reflection of the type of foods you consume AND your body’s reaction to those foods. Sayyyy whattttt- how?!  When you consume certain foods, even certain food combinations, your body’s digestion system will break down those foods into usable components. Once it is absorbed into the blood stream, your pancreas will produce insulin to pull the sugar from your blood and send it to your cells for energy. During this process, the amount of sugar that gets left in your cells will tell you if what you ate is allowing your hormones to stay balanced aka, keep eating those foods!- or on the flipside- has thrown you into a pre-diabetic zone- which is your body telling you, nope! I do not like the way that food is making me feel.


2. Excess blood sugar will cause you to gain weight- particularly around your midsection, AND make it difficult to lose the weight- even if you are exercising and eating a low calorie diet.  Our blood can only handle so much sugar at one time. Insulin will take the excess sugar to our cells to be used for energy. If your body’s cells don’t need the sugar for energy right away, then insulin will carry the excess to your liver where it is there stored as glycogen. If the liver fills up with excess sugar, then that sugar will convert to fatty acids/triglycerides which then gets sent back into the blood stream to get stored as fat into our tissues. (PS this will happen not just by eating straight up sugar, again- it all goes back to bioindividuality and your body’s unique response to certain food and food combinations). I have seen many women able to finally lose weight they were struggling with when they got their blood sugar within optimal ranges.


3. Blood sugar imbalance wrecks havoc on your hormones- When you have excess insulin in your body from the excess sugar, cortisol levels also go up because of the stress it puts on your body to keep up with the amount of sugar in your blood.  Cortisol is a very power hormone, some may even say its the most important hormone we have because it is our fight or flight hormone- giving us tools to keep our body safe and alive. Whenever cortisol is triggered, our body’s priority is to focus on the cortisol and keeping your body safe, thus essential ignoring your other hormones- see how this starts to create a ripple effect? Cortisol levels have direct impact on progesterone, estrogen, thyroid, as well as impacting our ever so delicate gut system.



Balancing my blood sugar was such an eye opening process for me. I thought I was eating healthy and honestly felt pretty good- however I did struggle with gut problems and irregular periods. Playing around with my diet through blood sugar monitoring has totally transformed the foods that I eat now, specially the combination of foods that I have found fuel me best! It has also had a impact on the foods/food combinations that I offer to Brooklyn because I want to support her growing body to produce hormonal homeostasis too!

If you would are interested in exactly how you can monitor your blood sugar and discover which foods your body may be intolerant to, I would love to partner with you and provide you with the exact tools and resources you need to begin that self discovery journey. We will talk about the ideal fasting blood sugar range for hormonal homeostasis, as well as how to exactly identify which foods that are not working for your body!

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