Let’s talk about your health concerns and it’s interconnectedness to your hormones!

Alright, so you’re not feeling 100%- but not sure WHY! You feel like you’ve searched the internet, your doctor may not have given you much guidance or insight as to what could be causing your symptoms.. you feel lost..

I know this scenario all too well. I struggled most of my life with many health problems and symptoms. The first was gut and digestive issues- as far as I can remember I experienced intense pain, constipation, gas, and chronic bloating- which honestly I thought was just normal.  I sought many doctors and all of them told me either it was normal or there was nothing that they could do except a colonoscopy. I knew nothing major was wrong but SOMETHING was out of balance. It is such a frustrating feeling when you feel so helpless. Then, in college I suffered from a eating disorder, as well as continued and exasperated digestive issues, along with amenorrhea. I have gone as long as 3 years without really having a period. I figured it was a blessing, not knowing then that it was actually a major red flag that my body was totally out of homeostasis. Again, not one doctor knew what to do with me. Sigh…

Did you you know… any of the symptoms below are actually a indicator that you have an imbalance with your hormones?!

Symptoms of hormone imbalance

  • Inability to lose weight or sudden weight gain
  • imbalances due to eating disorders or currently recovering from a eating disorder
  • Hungry all the time
  • bloating and digestive issues
  • irregular periods
  • infertility, miscarriage or hormonal problems
  • “feel” like you are eating healthy but don’t feel healthy
  • Crave sugar all the time
  • Acne
  • Chronic fatigue
  • anxiety, irritability
  • trouble sleeping
  • If you’ve been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue

These symptoms are your body’s way of telling you that there is something out of balance hormonally and it needs some help! I also like to think of it in terms of your period (if you are still menstruating)- your period and its cycle is your monthly report card for your overall health. Isn’t that interesting! When I talk about hormones, most people’s initial reaction is limiting it to the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. Your body actually has many hormones, outside of the sex hormones, that effect every cell, tissue and function of your body.  Everything is interconnected- every cell in our body is under hormonal influence.

Now, I am going to go over at a high level the top 5 hormonal imbalances;

Top 5 Hormone Imbalances- 

  1. High Cortisol-
    1. Cortisol hormone is activated when our body senses it is stressed. Unfortunately in the world we live in today, our bodies are often living in a constant state of high cortisol. Yikes! When our body is in a chronically high cortisol state it wrecks havoc on our body and has a ripple effect on our hormones.
      1. Symptoms of High Cortisol: feeling anxious, overwhelmed and nervous, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, decreased fertility, sugar cravings, increased belly fat, and difficulty falling or staying asleep. 
      2. Working with me you will learn how to manage cortisol levels which will support a lot of your hormonal imbalances!
  2. Low Cortisol
    1. Cortisol hormone can be depleted after adrenals crash from being in a constant state of excess cortisol. This is sometimes referred to as “adrenal fatigue”.
      1. Symptoms of Low Cortisol: 
        1. Low blood pressure, depression, chronic fatigue, difficulty staying asleep through the night, and dizziness. 
  3. Low Progesterone & High Estrogen
    1. Low progesterone is a very common hormonal imbalance due many factors but to name the two top factors; stress/ high cortisol levels, as well as estrogen dominance. Bare with me while I explain a little bit about our endocrine system and what happens with high cortisol levels & it’s impact on progesterone: Adrenal glands use up most of it’s pregnenolone to create cortisol (for when our body is stressed) which makes it (pregnenolone) much less available to produce progesterone. In other words- pregnenolone is too busy with cortisol that it does not have enough capacity to create any progesterone. Birth control can also cause low progesterone and high estrogen.
      1. Symptoms of Low progesterone: PMS, irregular menstrual cycles, difficulty getting or staying pregnant, bloating, swollen breasts, menstrual migraines.
    2. Estrogen dominance can also cause progesterone to lower due to the processed and chemical filled foods/products that we use and ingest everyday. Environmental toxins such as plastic, BPA products, and chemicals in the air.  Everyday personal hygiene products can contain harsh ingredients and artificial estrogens (xenoestrogens) in it which lead to an artificial rise of estrogen within our body. Estrogen and Progesterone have a very delicate seesaw type balance and if estrogen starts to get too high it can prevent the pituitary gland from producing enough progesterone for the body. Other factors for excess estrogen can be linked to excess body weight, excess alcohol consumption, as well as birth control.
      1. Symptoms of high estrogen: PMS, heavy periods or breakthrough bleeding, brain fog, moodiness/anxiety, endometriosis, fibroids, menstrual migrants, depression. 
  4. Low Estrogen
    1. Low estrogen is found in women who have had a history of eating disorder or malnourished. Excess dieting, exercising, or extreme high stress levels also have been found to cause low estrogen levels.
      1. Symptoms of Low Estrogen: Amenorrhea (no period for 3+months), vaginal dryness, painful sex, low sex drive, depression, dry skin, sporadic periods. 
  5. Low Thyroid/ Hypothyroid
    1. Hypothyroidism is coming a epidemic in our society. The problem with thyroid disfunction is that most doctors are not trained to see subclinical thyroid symptoms therefore many women suffer from low thyroid for a long time before being diagnosed. One of the biggest causes of thyroid disfunction is stress & cortisol (that damn Cortisol strikes again! now you can start to see how cortisol really does wreck havoc on our delicate system!). High cortisol lowers free T3 which is our thyroid hormone, as well as raise reverse T3 which blocks thyroid hormone receptors. Another cause for low thyroid is environmental toxins and harsh ingredients in our everyday products. Nutrition also plays a big role with the thyroid, as low thyroid has been linked with vitamin D, iodine, and selenium deficiencies.
    2. When there is a overproduction of thyroid- it can cause a underproduction of thyroid hormone due to the burn out (similar to high cortisol then low cortisol/adrenal fatigue). This imbalance can lead to a thyroid autoimmune disease called Hashimotos thyrotis.
      1. Symptoms of low thyroid include: Dry skin and hair, cold hands and feet, unexplained weight gain, inability to lose weight easily, chronic fatigue, low sex drive, and depression. 

A common theme & main causes behind hormone imbalances

Stress, lack of right nutrients, imbalance in blood sugar, environmental exposer to toxins,  lifestyle choices, genetics/aging all contribute to your hormones and your overall health. I have had many people tell me that they have accepted their health issues because it was either genetic, or irreversible. On the contrary, there is a lot of research out that demonstrating our genes can actually be turned on or off- aka we have much more control over our gene expression through diet and lifestyle choices. Isn’t that exciting AND a tad nerve wracking!

I had a friend tell me that when she went to the doctor to complain about her always  feeling tired, her doctor’s response was “it is the 21st century- everyone is tried”. It does not matter what century we are in, I am here to tell you that these symptoms are NOT normal and it is your body’s way of trying to tell you that something is off and it needs some help!

If these symptoms resonate with you and you would like a game plan to balance your hormones and eliminate these symptoms, I would love to coach you to balancing your hormones.

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